Adventures of Astropilots Stern & Moreno

Stevie González at

Hoping to make a little extra cash on the side, Zy accepts an unofficial assignment from an old business contact of his. The instructions that he receives seem straightforward enough at the beginning, but soon one problem after another arise en route. Can the spirit of Christmas bring about a happy resolution to the pilots’ misfortunes?

Almost stranded in space due to a fuel shortage, Zy and Bon are forced to dock onto the famous astroliner Sweet Lemon in order to refuel. Everything is running smoothly until Zy is inadvertently informed of the recent mysterious death of a passenger on the old spacecraft. Soon the astropilots become involved in the investigation and a race against time to identify the murderer in their midst.

In the mid-23rd Century Zy Stern and Bon Moreno work as astropilots, transporting freight shipments between the various bases and colonies of the Outer Planet Region. On a routine assignment to Titan, they find themselves at the centre of a perfidious plot by a high-ranking Titanic official to gain control of interplanetary security for his own corrupt purposes. Somehow they must prove their innocence, and in doing so it will be necessary to succumb to the wanton lust that lurks in the dark corridors of Titan Base.


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